We pride ourselves on the level of customer support we offer to distributors and installation, support and maintenance contractors aim to offer as much guidance and support as required.

We calculate the anticipated losses through the shaft and the dampers in-line with the SCA requirements. The builder should test the shaft to ensure that these losses are achieved and then, finally, when the fans are installed, extract rates should again be verified to ensure they are correct.

Upon completion, the system will need to be functionally tested to ensure that all inputs and outputs operate correctly. For a mechanical system, the extract rates will need to be verified to ensure that the design rates are achieved.

The fans and control panel arrive fully-assembled with all wiring on the unit pre-completed off site. The installer will simply need to connect the loop cabling and power supply. This complete fan unit will need to be crane-lifted into place after the weather skirt and plenum box are installed to the top of the builders work shaft.

No, we provide drawings that detail the location of all devices and the system is pre-programmed and cause-and-effects tested off-site to ensure that by the time the system is installed, time on site is kept to a minimum. The installer will need to carry out functional testing and sign the relevant certification.

We provide full project schematic drawings that detail the cable type and specification to all devices. This schematic also dictates the locations of the power supplies required.

Our system is very simple to wire; the core backbone of our system is wired as a fire alarm loop circuit, with detectors, key switches, vent interfaces and fan panels wired as part of our loop circuit. Cabling to the dampers, actuators to open the vents and windows are generally the same as the 2-core loop cabling.

Yes the system can provide environmental cooling in a number of different programmable methods either on a floor-by-floor basis or by a block as a whole. We can even configure different extract rates for night time purge cooling.

Yes. As the system is certified to EN 54 as a fire alarm, system flow switches can be connected to our systems.

Our supply options are configurable, but as a basic we will provide all control equipment such as control panels, vent interface panels, smoke detectors, override key switches and interfaces etc. If we are supplying a mechanical extract system, we shall also provide all fans, fan control panels and top-of-shaft plenum boxes and adaptors, and we would recommend that we provide dampers and opening vents to ensure compliance with the relevant standards.

Yes. As the system is certified to EN 54 as a fire alarm, system flow switches can be connected to our systems.

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