This Is A Next Generation System That Is More Effective In Protecting Lives

EMTECT combines fire detection and ventilation control under one system, allowing all systems to work effectively together.

Without compromise – this is the most important reason to choose any system. EMTECT is more effective in protecting lives for the following reasons:

  • Combined – combining fire detection and ventilation control under one system allows all systems to work effectively together.
  • Active management – provides real-time reporting and emergency action plans signalling issues or failures sooner and to the right people.
  • Enhanced redundancy – So often the point of failure, the cabling solution offers a revolutionary fixed loop capability allowing signals to travel in either direction and can therefore continue to operate even with a cable fault or sudden damage.

Game-Changing Benefits


Combining all emergency control system components


The only system fully compliant with all relevant standards


Multi-building enabled with smart monitoring, management and alerts

Multi-Building Control

Multiple buildings can be connected back to a single concierge (or estate management) control point

Open Protocol

Uses detection devices that are open protocol enabling greater choice

BMS Monitoring

The ability to provide life-safety BMS functions, including stand-by power supply monitoring and other ancillary functions

Cost Saving Through Efficiency

Single Panel Requirement

One single panel for fire detection, smoke ventilation, car park ventilation and corridor environmental ventilation

35% Less Cabling

Special fixed loop cable reduces cable required, and costs, by up to 35%.

Highly Efficient Installation

Fully configured and programmed, and with reduced equipment and components to install, costs can be further reduced.

Meeting All Standards

Adaptable, flexible and fully compliant, EMTECT meets all the relevant and most stringent standards to deliver a lower cost solution for installation and management. Without compromise, it also delivers greater life protection, cost and labour reduction for developers and installers.

  • BS 5839-1
  • BS EN 12101-10
  • BS ISO 21927-9
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System Design Services

We offer a FREE custom system design process for M&E contractors and installers to ensure systems are fully specified, are not over-engineered and are meeting all standards.

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