Rich Industrial Estate

Project Summary

We were tasked with creating an integrated and comprehensive system for smoke clearance/ management systems, environmental control systems and car park smoke clearance systems for the Rich Industrial Estate in South East London, where an old industrial site was being converted into residential apartments. Much of this project was completely new-build, but the listed front of the building had to be accounted for to protect its historical significance and design.

This project included 8 blocks, with some sharing a common car park that connected them- this required a well-planned and integrated fire safety system that was capable of monitoring all 8 buildings, and feeding all of this information back to the central concierge panel.

Introduction to the Challenge

We were fortunate that this project was not slowed down by many challenges, and was able to proceed quickly and successfully. Planning did, however, require careful consideration and forethought to integrate together a system that would connect all 8 blocks together, along with the common car park. This was crucial to finding the best safety solution for the development- ensuring that the buildings and all of their future residents would be safe.

Role of CFD Modelling

The CFD modelling for this project was completed by another company. We greatly enjoy working with other companies, as this allows the sharing and expanding of ideas that fuel the forward motion of the fire protection industry.

Once their role was complete, we took the responsibility of peer-reviewing the CFD modelling and found potential ways that it could be improved. At LYFE, we firmly advocate for more peer-review in the sector, as this can only benefit the safety of the public by sharing each other’s strengths and fortifying weaknesses.

The LYFE Solution

To tackle this project, we used a combination of:

  • 8 corridor mechanical smoke ventilation systems
  • 1 concierge panel
  • Sprinkler monitoring system
  • Corridor cooling system

This may all sound fairly straight forward, but the real feature of this challenge is that all of this was integrated to one master concierge panel. This allows for the whole development to be easily be monitored and controlled- resulting in a more comprehensive fire safety system for every block, floor, and apartment in the complex.

What Competitors Would Have Done

The majority of competitors would likely have used standalone systems such as smoke control and fire alarms. This means that the different sections of the system would not be able to communicate, meaning data would be lost, and the overall protection system wouldn’t work efficiently- unable to make smart and intuitive decisions.

From a user-level having multiple systems causes confusion which inevitably leads to incorrect operation.

The LYFE Difference/ Why Choose LYFE

Integrating these systems makes for a more efficient and intelligent system that can communicate with each individual feature and bring them together to create comprehensive protection against fire for the entire complex. This will also save roughly 35% when compared to a 2-system approach.

This was a repeated partnership with major developer London Square, and we are so happy to get to continue working with them now and in the future. We are proud to say that we have experience working with large-scale development outfits like this, and have been trusted with the fire safety system design of many complex and important projects. With LYFE you are investing in this reputation and skill, and putting your project in the hands of forward-thinking experts in fire safety.